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What's responsive web design

A responsive website leads to a better user experience. A major factor indicating the quality of user experience is the time they spend on your site. If they find it hard to navigate or use because they’re forced to constantly pinch and zoom, they won’t stay on your website.

But if your website scales and responds to the change in screen size, then visitors won’t have problems accessing menus, links, buttons or filling out forms. As a result, their user experience will be better and they’ll spend more time on your site.z

Improved user experience and site usability can then lead to more word of mouth referrals and new customers for your business.

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A website can be as powerful branding experience as a storefront, and for many businesses it is a primary way of engaging with patrons. The right web design not only presents a professional appearance, but also attracts and retains customers at all levels of the sales funnel. After all, what good is a new look if it doesn’t grow your business and serve the needs of customers? 

Beneath the surface we leverage the platform to integrate and enhance important aspects of your company like customer data management, lead generation, booking systems, product inventories, and more. 

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Your website is the canvas to display your brand’s personality. Through collaboration and strategy, we visually charge your core message in the digital realm. Applying creative expertise with data as the undercurrent, we develop a sophisticated web presence that effectively engages your target audience. The UI/UX design is informed by our research, driven by your goals, shaped by your brand, influenced by your taste, and awakened by our creativity

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Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customized Web Strategy

Taking into account your overall brand approach, we’ll work together to develop a comprehensive strategy for building your website. Our experienced team members will make recommendations to guide the flow of the site and enhance the project’s success. We’ll set conversion goals and strategies, explore use cases, establish user flows, and outline the site architecture and technical requirements. Our aim is to ensure your website isn’t just beautiful – it’s effective.

  • Audience
  • Sitemap
  • Wire frames
  • Content Hierarchy
  • Baseline Search Engine Optimization

Bespoke Strategy & Plans

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After completing the artistic conception of your website during the design phase, the real-world build out begins. We take the design and translate it to clean, high-quality code that is both beautiful and lean.

Well-versed in open-source technology, our developers bring the knowledge and expertise to build a customized site that meets your business needs. Based on your business goals, we’ll guide you to the platform, theme, and functionalities we believe will make your project a success.

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The development for your custom website includes:

  • Platform
  • Customization
  • Responsiveness
  • Functionality
  • Administration
  • Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Testing
  • Optimization

Think Ahead

The visual design process for a website includes:

  • Web Style Guide
  • Typography
  • Color palettes
  • Layout of elements
  • Grid systems
  • Imagery
  • Templates for core pages
  • Revisions/Iterative process

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